Impact driven, product focused CTO, Founder and Software Engineer (React Native, Javascript & PHP)

* Local Social specialist
* Raised £millions in funding for companies
* Built a local social app to encourage serendipitous meetings
* Built a daily question app that allowed users to answer questions and win prizes.
* Built a global community for designers around the world to gain experience and share their work
* Built a global platform for language students in my spare time
* Built a entrepreneurship Q&A platform for students (now offline)
* Built machine learning tool to predict where people will be at a given time
* Built lots of digital tools to help with founder problems
* Built 100 + smaller projects to test ideas and languages

I have worked across many areas of management including technology, product and operations.

Tech skills: App development, Javascript, React Native, React, Redux, RXJS, PHP, Laravel, Python, Native and web app architecture, Scaling infrastructure, Location, Machine Learning and much more.

Product skills: Rapid prototyping, data science, data led design, prioritisation, roadmapping A/B testing, iteration and analytics.

General skills: Attention to detail, fundraising, hiring technical roles, managing on and offshore teams, team and personal development, time / resource allocation, planning and execution.

I have led, built and scaled multiple products in Consumer, Financial, Education and Ecommerce industries.

I frequently consult, mentor and for the last ten years, I’ve been heavily involved in enterprise education at all levels.

Outside of work, I love golf, skiing, squash, kung fu (black belt) and anything in the country.

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