Eats, shoots and lvs.

Eats, shoots and lvs.

For every person who takes great delight in publicly correcting grammar, I believe there are many more tutting in the background. I have to admit to being a shadow tutter.

Now before judge not, that ye be not judged is pulled out, I must point out that my spelling is not very good, I often mispronounce words, I still struggle with the proper use of a semicolon and my sentence structure always needs improving

However, I am receiving more and more emails with not only terrible grammar and sentence structure but also shortening of words. I must point out that a high percentage of these emails are sent by those over 25.

I do find poor grammar and sentence structure irritating but I’m not really in a position to comment. What drives me completely mad is the shortening of words when it clearly is not saving any time at all.

Using shortenings such as pse (please) and thx (thanks) in emails to people you don’t know is, at the very least and in the nicest possible terms, counter productive.

I know we send a lot of email every day but surely we could just write three words less and save more time than replacing please with pse?